Press Portfolio

In between writing travel memoirs, Eva Melusine Thieme has penned articles for numerous publications, such as the Wall Street Journal and Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. In her award-winning blog, Joburg Expat, she chronicles the life and adventures of her American family in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has also earned a Parenting Publications of America award for her contributions to Kansas City Parent Magazine.

Expat Life

Wall Street Journal Entitled Expat Kids: How To Avoid Spoiling Your Expat Offspring (this article also appeared in the print edition as an abridged version)
How Expat Volunteers Worry About the Lives They Leave Behind
Expat College Admissions: A Bit Like Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
The Good Expat: 5 Steps to a Successful Expat Experience
SA People You’re no Longer New to South Africa When…
Life in South Africa: We Feared Crime and Found Kindness
Applying for a South African Visa? Here is What You Need to Know
Top 30 Things a Foreign Expat Misses about South Africa
The International Wanderer Our Life of Adventure in South Africa
Expat Explorer Living in South Africa
Expatica Choosing an International or Private School in South Africa



Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Posieren mit Pavian und Pinguin: Familienurlaub am Kap der Guten Hoffnung
TravelWrite A Walk on the Wild Side: Slack Packing in the Eastern Cape
OutwardOn Pole Pole: Scaling Africa’s Highest Summit
SA People Beyond the Big Five: The Wonders of an African Safari
The Best Time of Year to Visit South Africa
Südafrika-Magazin Reifenpanne in der Mitte von Nirgendwo
Expature Johannesburg City Review
Südafrika – Land der Kontraste Ntshieng Mokgoros Traum der Schauspielerei: Proben zwischen Bohnerwachs und Putzmitteln
Ihr seid ja wohl verrückt: Eine deutsche Bloggerin über ihre mutige Hilfsaktion in Alexandra


KC Parent Magazine Should My Child Take Honors Classes?
Raising Bilingual Children
Home Alone: Ready or Not?
Pennies for Peace: Local school children become philanthropists, one penny at a time
Do 30 Extra Points Really Pay Off on the SAT?
Helping children learn to deal with anger effectively
Raising Entitled Kids: Do our kids need so many things?
College Financial Aid: What Savvy Parents and Their Teens Need to Know
Making Holiday Memories
Little Ways to Let Go
KC Baby Magazine Pacifiers and Thumbs: Tips on When and How to Wean


Brentwood Homepage The Most Important Life Lesson: Learning to Lose

Plastic Surgery

NuBody Concepts Why Did I Wait So Long to Have Laser Hair Removal Done?
Do Husbands Want Their Wives to Get Breast Implants? 
It’s Time for a Mommy Makeover to Get Your Body Back


Brentwood Home Page
Africa Book Club
Expat Focus
Expat Arrivals


Feedspot Blog Awards Placed 26 in Top 100 Expat Blogs 2017
Readers’ Favorite Award Honorable mention for best book in Non-Fiction/Travel 2016
Expats Blog Gold Award for best expat blog in South Africa 2012
Parenting Publications of America Silver Award for Investigative Reporting 2009

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