Book Launch Checklist Day 7: Share on Google+

I’ve rambled a lot in the last couple of days, and we all deserve a break, so this one is going to be blissfully short.

To recap, the Book Launch Checklist thus far:

  1. Pick a launch date
  2. Announce Launch Date on Your Blog
  3. Share Launch Date on Facebook Page
  4. Join a Book Lovers Facebook Page
  5. Announce Launch Date on Twitter
  6. Amazon Author Central
  7. Share on Google+

I’m sure you already have a Google account somewhere. Everyone does. If you use Gmail, you have one. When you log in, you should somewhere find a link for Google+. Shouldn’t be hard as they’re trying to promote the hell out of it. So far, it can’t hold the water to Facebook in terms of popularity (or functionality, for that matter), but it’s Google, people. They usually know what they are doing, and so sharing stuff on Google+ is a nobrainer. With Google, you also don’t know if it won’t in some ways affect your search rankings for your blog and all that good stuff. It seems to me that sharing your every blog post on Google+ seems like a good idea, if you want to be “found” by people. Even though none of us really spend time on Google+ making our profile pretty and all that or following other people.

Getting back to the purpose of this list, the book launch: Announce your launch date on Google+ like you’ve announced it everywhere else, and be done with it already.

Next up:

8. Establish Yourself on Goodreads

View the entire Book Launch Checklist here.

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