Join in: My First Live Interview

Mark your calendars:

Day: Sunday, August 9th, 2015
Time: 8 AM to 8 PM Central Time
Where: WE LOVE MEMOIRS Facebook Group

The thing that’s so much fun about being a new author is that there is a first time for everything, much like milestones in your child’s life. First sale, first time someone leaves a review for your book, first time you get fan mail, first time you do a book signing. Oh, and the not-so-coveted ones, like the first time someone leaves a one-star review on Amazon. That’s kind of like the first time your toddler poops without his diaper but not into the potty. All the same, many tell me a scathing one-star review is when you know you’ve truly arrived.

Today’s milestone will be my first live interview. No, not on the Daily Show, I’m afraid. Jon Stewart managed to be leaving just before I got famous enough for him to come knocking at my door. All the same, I’m very excited about this interview. Especially since I won’t have to speak in front of people or a camera. For those decrying our modern times and social media, please pause a second to reflect on all the good it has brought into the world. Like giving us introverts a chance to do an all-day interview without having to break out in cold sweats and stammer and be at a loss of words, and without spending the next three days thinking up ways one could have said everything much better.

Instead, I get to do what I love best: Sit on my couch in my pajamas all day and type on my computer keyboard. I’ll have time to come up with witty comments and anecdotes and can still get up every once in a while to reheat my tea in the microwave or steal to the pantry for a handful of Lindt balls (psst: have you discovered the coconut ones yet?), which I can stuff in my mouth three at a time and still answer the latest question without a hitch.

Spotlight Sunday

Except, what if no one has any questions? So… if you have nothing else to do on Sunday and want to keep me (and my Lindt balls) company, please stop by between 8 AM and 8 PM Central Time and ask away. All you have to do is join the fabulous We Love Memoirs Facebook group and visit their page on Sunday after 8 AM. I promise you won’t regret it. WLM has some wonderful fun-loving members who have one thing in common: They all love to read books. Memoirs in particular, but I suspect everyone sneaks in a few Gone Girl’s and All the Light We Cannot See’s on the side. I get a good chuckle almost every day when I scan the page, I’ve gotten some great book recommendations, and I’ve gotten a free book bargain out of it more than once.

Speaking of which, I’ll be giving away two ebooks after the interview.


Chat with you Sunday!

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