Kilimanjaro Diaries: Reviews

What readers are saying:

Well written, funny and insightful… I both laughed out loud and had a tear in my eye at times… as informative as it was entertaining… wonderfully written, with great humour, and also provides really useful advice on what to take, the best time of year to go etc… very funny, I couldn’t stop reading.

Published Reviews:

An inspiring, hilarious memoir! [Excerpt from BookBub. Read more here.]

Even though I have no plans to climb Kilimanjaro, I really enjoyed reading Kilimanjaro Diaries. I read many of Sine’s blog posts about her Kili climb back when it actually happened in 2012, and it was great to see how she expanded those posts into a book. I especially loved the early chapters, when Sine describes her preparations (or non-preparations, in some cases) for the climb, and the late chapters when she tells the story of her summit attempt. I don’t want to give away the ending but I’ll just say that I cried… [Excerpt from  Read more here.]

A funny, wry, and moving account … Sine devotes a chapter to each day of the 7-day climb, and I have never felt so strongly that I was on a journey I wasn’t actually on. I felt the exhaustion and camaraderie along the way, sharing each day’s challenges and pleasures. I saw the rainforest at the lowest elevation and the “bleak but sunlit alpine desert” as they climbed higher; I always felt the terrain beneath my feet. I felt like I was listening in on their regular topics of conversation… [Excerpt from Bacon on the Bookshelf. Read more here.]

Over the past year of preparing for my trip, I’ve read countless Kilimanjaro articles, blog posts, books, etc. And by far, yours has been the best… [Bryan Alsop, prospective Kili trekker. Read more Amazon reviews here.]


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